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About Us

Firebucks® is an organization started by seasoned professionals with over two decades of experience in delivering world-class professional Quality Assurance and Test Automation services to start-ups and mid-sized companies.

Who are we?

We are not rocket scientists. We are actually “normal” engineers with shared passion and drive for product quality and bring in happy customers

Our benefits

We boast an IT veteran leadership team from diverse domains and produce high quality results and delivery based on client needs at low overhead for training new staff.

Our engagement

At firebucks we utilize an umbrella process for all our engagements. Activities in our engagements are typically divided into three parts – pre-engagement, engagement, and post- engagement.



We study customized QA methodology Test Metrics for continuous improvement.


We provide QA services like ETL Testing, Mobile Testing, API Testing, Database Testing, Security Testing and lot more.


We build customized Automation framework for various test Automation.


We bring over two decades of experience in delivering world-class professional quality assurance and test automation services to start-ups.


Don't take us only at our word, let the clients speak of our work!

"We chose Firebucks as our QA partner and they have been a key addition to our engineering team. Their efficiency and quality are top notch. They are a valued addition and I would recommend Firebucks to any company looking for highly reliable and professional QA services without a second thought." -Jeff Camozzi, CEO Azend Inc


Meet the technical savants !

Usha Kandala

Founder & CEO

Aneel Panyam


Jasmini Damaraju

Project Manager

Harish Vajha

Chief Operating Officer

Preetham Gowda

Business Development Manager

Shilpi G S

Lead Automation Engineer

Preethi BSN

Lead Test Engineer

Dipanjan Bhattacharya

Senior Automation Engineer


Software Test Engineer


Current openings


Interest is suceeded by queries, here are a few that shed a floodlight on what happens here and how.

  • What does Firebucks do?

    To put it in simple words, we are the detectives that find weakness or defects in a code. We test codes meticulously to find these and eliminate them. Elementary, is it not?

  • Imagine having a stellar project with high profile payoff being pawned off for having a bug aka a “Defect”. Quality Assurance testing does the job of identifying these at all stages of your project and provide information about the level of quality of a product. You need it to make sure that the project goes off without a hitch or could it be even better?

  • Glad you asked! We are the best option since we are a league of coding veterans with expertise in vast array of domains. Who better to strategize than the ones who have seen the war on frontlines?

  • We make use of fixed price and T&M models in our engagements. Wanna know more, please reach out with the help of the form below.

  • Our onboarding process usually takes upto 2 weeks. Please reach out with the help of the form below to expedite the process.



India Office

Bridge+, 2nd Floor, Park Square Mall, ITPB, Whitefield,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066

US Office

4111-e Rose Lake Rd, #3871, Charlotte,
North Carolina 28217

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