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Lead Automation Engineer

We are looking for an experienced, motivated, and energetic Automation Lead who will be part of a fast-paced team that is focused on delivering high-quality software. Personal emphasis on continuous learning a must.


  • Responsible for for systematic software testing across all product lines.

  • You will be involved in requirement reviews, design discussions, and will document deliverable artifacts.

  • You will be involved at all appropriate levels of the development process.

  • You will automate all tickets from the current sprint and any backlog efforts.

  • You'll turn functional requirements into test cases, help identify what systems can be potentially impacted by a release, generate test plans, augment/modify existing test cases and plans as well as execute those test plans and provide detailed feedback to the development team in the form of bug reports.

  • This position will entail client- side work.

  • You will also be responsible for writing functional test plans, executing test plans, and reporting and tracking defect resolution.


    • Responsible for for systematic software testing across all product lines.

    • Experience with Python is strongly preferred.

    • Experience with API Testing is required.

    • Experience with groovy will be a plus.

    • Experience with testing a SaaS platform in cloud environment (AWS) preferred.

    • Experience working in CI delivery model preferred.

    • Exceptional communication skills and client-side work experience are essential.

    • Must be available to provide support overlapping US hours. Looking for 7-8+ years of experience only.

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